Guess How Much Kate Middleton's Shiny Necklace Cost?

Despite her athletic frame, Kate Middleton will not compete in the 2012 London Olympics. But that's okay, because she's already taken home a gold medal.  

The Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the National Portrait Gallery in London yesterday wearing a Cartier necklace that People reports cost a whopping $78,000. The shiny accessory was made of white and yellow gold, and looked strikingly similar to an Olympic medal, or a metallic Funyun. 

It's not clear if Middleton bought the bling herself, or if the necklace was a gift. A spokesperson for the Duchess merely confirmed to People that it did in fact come from her "personal collection." Which is to say, she didn't borrow the necklace from a friend, nor did she steal it! 

If you were hoping to buy the fancy piece of jewerly for yourself, you can check it out over at Cartier's website. Or, if you'd rather not spend $78,000 on a necklace, you could buy 32 tickets to the opening ceremony of the London Games and hand them out to random people on the street. Think about all the friends you'd make! 


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