New Ipad3 and Ipad Mini

Name change (new) to the iPad will be feeling the emergence of further variation of the iPad from Pad 2. Would expect the release of 4 iPad after one year if, iPad Once this has become iPad 3, In addition, the user. However, iPad disappoint this time, did not change the pattern of naming. It seems to be feeling that you have multiple variations of the MacBook, Mac, iPod as if it were iPad.

The product of these three product names are distinguished by numbers, not by the time difference between the model will be introduced in the next generation and release name in parentheses. and so on (Mid 2011) Mac in if (generation? die) if the iPod. (The remaining numbers are called new iPad is already the third generation. The name is the only iPhone)

In addition, MacBook is composed of two Rainappu MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, Mac is configured with Mac mini and Mac Pro.

When this happens, expect the iPad mini iPad Pro will come out and also iPad. IPad mini rumors from last year is not actually extinct. (It is from out Kindle Fire in particular)

This time, you delete the number from the name of the iPad by Apple, I Is it going to spread delusion might be because there is with the release of the mini..


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