Losiny Ostrov National Park moscow, in Russia..

Losiny Ostrov National Park (Russian: literally - Moose Island) is the first national park of Russia. It is located in Moscow and Moscow Oblast and is the third largest forest in a city of comparable size, after Table Mountain National Park (Cape Town) and Pedra Branca State Park (Rio de Janeiro).

The total area of the national park in 2001 was 116.21 km², (28,717 acres). Forest occupied 96.04 km² (83% of area) of the total, of which 30.77 km² (27%) fall within the boundaries of Moscow city. Other land types in the park include 1.69 km² (2%) of water and 5.74 km², or 5% of swamp. An additional 66.45 km² is reserved for expansion of the park.
The park is divided into the three functional zones:

  1. Especially protected, 53.94 km² (47%), closed to the public;
  2. For training and excursion, 31.30 km² (27%) is open for restricted visits along established routes;
  3. Recreational, 29.81 km² (26%), is open for mass entry.

Geographically, the park occupies the joint of the Meshchera Lowlands and Klin-Dmitrov chine, which is the watershed of the Moskva River and Klyazma River. The relief of the territory is a slightly undulating plain. The true altitudes of the locality vary from 146 m (floodlands of the Yauza River) to 175 m above sea level. In the center part of the park relief is expressed weakly. The most picturesque locality is on the southwest of the park, where the above-floodplain terraces of the Yauza River are clearly expressed with the sufficiently steep slopes to its floodlands.
The sources of the Yauza and the Pekhorka can be found on the territory of the park. The natural riverbed of the Yauza was practically destroyed in the course of peateries in the 1950s-1970s. The riverbed of the Pekhorka is vastly changed after the the Akulovsk hydro-electric station was built. The Yauza has several inflows here, the largest of which is the Ichka.
In Moscow, the national park area is crossed by the Moscow Little Ring Railway. The Belokamennaya Station is located inside the park. The portions of the park which belong to Moscow and to Moscow Oblast are separated by the Moscow Ring Road, which is a multi-lane dual carriageway..


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