Robert Pattinson's Musical Secret to Wooing Kristen Stewart

Actualy, it takes more than a jawline carved out of stone, I-don't-give-a-damn hair, and a British accent to win Kristen Stewart over. In a new interview with BlackBook magazine, Robert Pattinson and his heart open up about the early days of falling for his Twilight co-star (kind of).

The article, written from the point of view of Pattinson's heart, weaves actual quotes from the actor with the author's own informed conclusions that are framed as coming from Rob's  emotional core. It makes for an intriguing read, but one that's confusing when taken out of context.

The series of half truths leaves room for interpretation, like this bit: "Rob would shun madly batting eyelashes to smoke outside with a hoodie pulled over his eyes. He was writing songs for Kristen Stewart. At the time, I [Rob's heart] was filled with yearning to the point of breakage, so they were sad songs that sounded as if they could have been lifted off a Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks." But these aren't just willy-nilly flights of imagination because Pattinson himself confirms the lovestruck ballad penning, telling BlackBook, "In fact, I was just trying to rip off Van Morrison."

The larger point being that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart share a romantic history that, to some extent at least, involves personalized songwriting, songwriting that may or may not have won him Kristin's heart and inspired his songs that made it on the Twilight soundtracks.


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