Justin Bieber Puts His awesomatic Acting Skills to the Test in New Music Video

Canadian pop phenom Justin Bieber will eventually make his way onto the big screen — the only question at this point is whether his movie debut will fare better than Vanilla Ice's Cool As Ice. Other than a stint on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation last year, however, Bieber's kept his dramatic talent under wraps — until now. The "Boyfriend" singer will flex his thespian muscles in the new short film for "As Long As You Love Me," which drops Wednesday.

Bieber released a minute-and-a-half long preview of the film, which co-stars grit-master Michael Madsen as a villainous dad who's trying to keep Bieber from his daughter. It's clear Bieber's dead-set on convincing the world of his maturity: In the clip, Madsen dismisses Bieber as a "boy," apparently not noticing the steely-eyed determination underneath the too-expensive haircut.

Earlier this month, Bieber teased a still photo of his bruised and bloodied face from the music video's set. So everyone who reveled in that clip of him getting shot on a loop for ten hours will have something to look forward to, too.


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